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Counter Strike GLOBAL OFFENSIVE - multiplayer shooter with a 1st person, dedicated to opposing teams contemporary terrorists and special forces (counter-terrorism) .This second iteration of the Counter-Strike series, based on the engine, Source. Presented new maps (including updated versions of the 7 cards from the original Counter-Strike), new weapons (including Molotov cocktails and stun), new modes (including official variation «Gun Game» mode) and the creation of matches, ranked by Elo system

• Classic Mode
"Classic" mode 2 is represented by the standard mode of the previous installments: Defuse bombs and rescuing hostages (the choice of a particular mode is defined by the map selection). At the same time there were controversial and Casual modes. Adversarial mode is executed in line with the traditional Counter-Strike games, while in casual mode disabled friendly fire and skirmishes team armor acquisition is automatic, but for every kill is given a monetary reward. In casual mode the team is winning, which has taken more wins in 30 rounds
Destruction mode (Demolition) is an accelerated version of "bomb disposal". The possibility of buying weapons and equipment is turned off; selection of the starting player is determined by the complexity of weapons and weapon kills (kills) scored in the previous round. Clashes team disabled friendly fire is turned on. The winner is the team with the most wins in 20 rounds.
• The arms race
Mode «Arms Race» is a variation mode Gun Game. This team battle to the death in which players try to win the match by the first murder with the help of the Golden knife. "Golden knife" are given for eliminating enemies by sequentially changing weapons. Clashes team disabled friendly fire is turned on. Stock endless rounds after death is an immediate short-term revival with invulnerability. Each match lasts only one round.
• Hardware & Software
Includes 29 deadly weapons, divided into 5 categories: pistols, submachine guns, rifles (assault and sniper) and heavy weapons (machine guns and shotguns). 6 types of grenades is also represented. The player can move one main weapon type (automatic / gun / heavy weapons) and one - optional (gun), and up to 3 garnet (no more than one of each type). In classic mode, most of the weapons and equipment you need to buy for the money extracted paths fulfill the goals to win the match and the killings.

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11.11.2018 4:32:33
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11.11.2018 4:32:29
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11.11.2018 4:32:27
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06.11.2018 19:05:25
Все быстро и оперативно
05.11.2018 13:29:20
18.10.2018 15:09:41
Отличный продавец. Ключи реально Global (Region Free). Все прекрасно активировалось и работает. Всем рекомендую пользоваться!
21.09.2018 13:59:41
всем рекомендую!!
31.08.2018 20:51:07
5+ Всё чётенько ,рекомендую !

Жду подарки :)

27.07.2018 13:18:58
Спасибо за КС:ГО!!!
27.07.2018 8:52:46
30.04.2018 20:40:58
Всё хорошо
09.04.2018 12:45:33
vce ok
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