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A series of urban simulation from Ubisoft returned after a short break, again in the scenery of the future. The game can still be called applying for the position of prophet in the previous section, we have expanded the habitat and resource consumption at the expense of sea elements, and now - due to the colonization of planets.
We played for the head of one of the Earth´s distant future corporations, who are given the opportunity to build their own city. Competing with other corporations, we need to build functional buildings, increasing population. Requirements last we subsequently have to meet, opening up new lands and resources, as well as erecting new buildings. At a certain point you start colonization rocket to the moon, and to establish a settlement there. His support will require a lot of effort and planning, as well as the construction of unique structures (anti-asteroid fields, for example).
Promised a new engine with a hitherto unprecedented detail: ambulant city filled with people and vehicles. Also, a new "motor" will build a larger and more-developed city.
The game is preparing to release in November 2015 for the PC platform. Anno 2205 - the second game in the series and is being developed by German studio Ubisoft Blue Byte. Remarkably, the original series was in the historic scenery of modern times. Also Anno always been famous for its meticulous production chain.
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Anno, yupley
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