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PHP class to work with ICQ.


1. Acceptance of incoming messages and their further processing;

2. Sending outgoing messages;

3. Setting the status of two types - normal ICQ, QIP status (BEER, BIRTHDAY, etc.);

4. Management of the bot from another UIN ICQ.

An example of the class, you can see if you start talking to ICQ UIN 320-829-127, which is connected to the class.
This product is targeted more for programmers, because there is a class with a description and example of a file, ie, a person who has no experience with php - will not be able to deliver and set up the class on his work. Sale not a bot that demo ICQ, as the system by which it can be done.

If you do decide to buy, and this class will not understand his work, offering paid work to finalize this class to your needs. Contact contact the seller.

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and a good day!
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