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After purchase you will receive a key Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta for Microsoft Store.
Pour in the process of game development, having access to the beta version of Minecraft for Windows 10!


Build a variety of structures, from shelters in haste to the grand castles! Create and explore the world of its own, only a limited beyond your imagination, but do not forget before the arrival of the night to build a shelter for protection from the monsters. Find the materials and manufacture tools, accessories, food and weapons to help you survive. During the existence of millions of game players around the world billions of broken blocks - and now the army of fans of this awesome game and you can join on a Windows 10!

• Now you can play in multiplayer mode via LAN with up to 4 friends using Minecraft: Pocket Edition on devices with different platforms.
• Play in the beta version of the game in the online multiplayer mode with up to 4 friends on Xbox LIVE, wherever they are.
• Improve your equipment with the help of special effects, enchantments placed upon the tables.
• seamlessly switch between their favorite methods of input - you can for a few seconds to activate and start using the controller, a touch screen or a mouse to the keyboard.
• Keep a record of your achievements and share them online via Xbox Live applications «DVR for games."
• Use unlimited resources in "creative mode" to build anything you can imagine.
• Produce valuable resources, make tools, participate in exciting adventures and protects against nocturnal creatures in "survival mode".
• Immerse yourself in a huge world with the new improved weather effects - accumulating snow, softer transitions and even SNOW THUNDERSTORM.
• The game also meet hens, zombie, pig, boat, armed with skeletons, potatoes, young squid, enchanted items, villagers naked sheep, iron golems, potions, Gast, picks, carrots and much, much more.

Note. Clarity for the report that the worlds / save files from the version of Minecraft for Java PC / Mac compatible with Minecraft Beta for Windows 10!
1. At each key is valid lifetime warranty.
2. The key you receive immediately after ordering!
3. Product activation is done by you, but we can help you with the activation by contacting PM
4. If the key you bought is not working, then immediately (within 15 minutes), write a message through the "Correspondence with the seller" (available after payment of the goods).
6. No refund or replacement will be possible only if the video evidence in an attempt to activate the product
7. The product is incompatible with systems other than Windows 10. The claims of incompatibility will not be accepted if you have installed the illegal version of Windows.
Have a good game!
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