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Until recently only specialists but botanists, nature lovers know about the existence of orchids in our northern latitudes. And in garden centers began to appear these mysterious plants: Lady´s shoes, habenaria, Dactylorhiza ... What is it and how to grow? The answers you will find in this book. And also learn and a lot more about the life of ground orchids.
The authors - employees of Main Botanical Garden of Moscow, more than 15 years engaged in the cultivation of these plants, as well, and many others, in the suburbs. Perhaps, gardening enthusiasts are already familiar with their encyclopedia of conifers, books on poisonous plants, to grasses, ferns and some other crops. Their new book at the moment is the most comprehensive guide on the variety and growing garden orchids.
08.10.2018 16:03:29
Отличная книжка!
26.06.2017 12:23:28
ОТличный продукт!
17.09.2016 22:59:23
Получено в цифровом виде, рекомендую.
16.09.2016 22:29:33
Быстро, качественный продукт, спасибо!
18.08.2016 9:22:14
Товар замечательный, это эксклюзивная книга, которую должен обязательно приобрести каждый любитель цветов. Наталья Шевырева - лучший ботанический автор в нашей стране.
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