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⭐ Minecraft key: Windows 10 Edition for Microsoft Store

Build a variety of structures: from havens in haste to grandiose castles!
Create and explore your own world, limited only by the limits of your imagination, but do not forget before the night comes to build a shelter to protect against monsters.
Find materials and make tools, supplies, food and weapons that will help you survive.
During the game, millions of players around the world have broken billions of blocks
Now you can join the army of fans of this cool game and you are on the device with Windows 10!

Note. For the sake of clarity, we inform you that the worlds / save files from the Minecraft version for Java PC / Mac are incompatible with the Minecraft version for Windows 10!
Purchase terms:

⭐ A lifetime warranty applies to each key.
⭐ You receive the key immediately after payment!
⭐ All the activation operations are performed by the buyer.
⭐ After buying the key, its further destiny is completely on your shoulders. We can not control your actions.
⭐ If the key you bought is not working, then immediately (within 15 minutes) we write a message through the "Correspondence with the seller" form (available after payment for the goods). Not to be confused with the form TESTIMONY!
⭐ A refund or replacement of a key is possible only if VIDEO PROOF is provided (the video must contain a record from the moment of payment of the goods until the key is entered). This is indicated in the product description.
⭐ If you leave a negative feedback immediately after the purchase without first contacting the seller, the seller will take action.
27.06.2018 13:25:22
Всё сработало! Всем рекомендую продовца!
21.04.2018 19:56:16
14.11.2017 22:12:33
Получил, проблем не возникло
12.11.2017 21:02:46
Все работает )
22.10.2017 22:09:11
Хороший продавец, все работает, рекомендую
18.10.2017 22:13:04
Дякую, все активувалось нормально
11.10.2017 9:33:53
Все отлично, хочу подарок
14.09.2017 16:52:32
Perfect seller, fast and guaranteed!
12.09.2017 22:47:42
11.09.2017 22:55:04
Я запустил приложение Store и через него качал игру. Может кому-то поможет для ПК.
Покупателям: если встретите - пробная версия на 30 дней: это видимо подписка на Realm новый мир. Так что вроде все нормально...
10.09.2017 9:40:49
Все работает , спасибо
05.12.2016 18:41:23
Всё отлично
19.11.2016 1:56:58
хороший продавец...
15.11.2016 0:13:30
Thanks all ok
10.11.2016 5:36:06
Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much you are awesome saller <3333333333 i have like 15 games in my account <3
28.09.2016 20:10:45
Nice seller thank you.
29.08.2016 21:09:34
Thanks sir

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