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Arrangement for guitar solo. Melody beautiful songs of one of the best Russian composers - Isaac Dunayevsky. It is difficult - in the play present barre, stretching, tremolo. Attention! With this play can not start learning the tremolo, need training.
Thank you for your purchase! Files pdf, notes + tablature below. There may be a watermark and change the file protection. If you have any problems with the file (error, did not come on the download link, etc.) - contact me (e-mail, a Skype), will help 100%
Also, practice lessons on Skype, please mrpedagog.
Earnest request: Do not you spread the acquired arrangement (or typed in another musical editor) in free access. Arrangement is made with a love for good music on every spent dozens of hours of time (including the testing of performance for video recording and so on.) Thank you again for financial support, analysis pleasant, good game!
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