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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 1%
ATTENTION! Invite-code is only for registering a new account!
An existing account will not work!
Immediately after payment you will receive an invite code that can be immediately activated when registering a new account!
After registering a new account with the invite code, you will receive:
- Gift warship Diana;
- 7 Days Premium account;
- The slot in the hangar.

ATTENTION! Invites CODES are not taken back. If you are unsure or in doubt, it is better not to buy, or ask the seller!
The seller guarantees the performance of code at the time of sale and its compliance with the description!
After receiving the code, the responsibility for storage lies with the buyer! (For example, it is possible the output from the code vargeymingi series of actions in time storage, breaking the Buyer´s address, theft code by third parties, etc.).
Therefore, we recommend immediately after purchase to activate the code, otherwise the claim will not be accepted.
Invites CODE is designed to activate only on RU-server!
Note: You can use the invite-code only once - when you create a game account World of Warships.
Instructions on how to activate the Invite code:
1. The official portal of the WG in the upper right corner, click SIGN ME UP: Enter the desired screen name (nickname) your email address and password for future Wargaming.net account.
2. Click on the words "YOU HAVE Invites CODE?".
3. In the window that appears, enter an invite-CODE.
4. Press the PLAY FREE.
5. Complete the registration Wargaming.net account, then install and run the game and invite your CODE will be activated.
For detailed instructions on how to activate an invite-code can be read here:

There are bonus link to invite partners from WG (not sell products for the performance of links does not bear the responsibility of the seller)
- It is necessary to open the private tab in the browser (if Chrome, you a new window in incognito mode), and it opened the link.
- In the Privacy tab, click one of the links with the pleasant technique:
- Http://cpm.wargaming.net/mnrgrjis/?pub=mag (M22 Locust + plane Fw.56 Stosser + 7 days PA).
- Http://cpm.wargaming.net/fj6je7xm/?pub_id=WOTMAG (LTP + 7 days PA)
- Fill in all the fields.
- Click on "You have an invite-CODE?".
- Enter to invite bought CODE.
- Complete signup Wargaming.net account, then install and run the game.
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