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$17 / Psytorrents / Psy – is another music tracker, entirely dedicated to the music in the style of “psyhodelic”. Psychedelic rock – is a complex, expressive music, that has a hard effect on the listeners. Originally, psychedelic rock started to mimic the effects of hallucinogens. It uses a wide range of means of musical expression, and special effects in the performance of music.
A movie category containing Psy culture related documentaries, festivals, visuals, drugs, and anything trippy or Psy. Some of the mp3 groups that can be found here are: gEm, MYCEL, PsyCZ, SHELTER, UPE, WWS, ALKI, 1KING, 320, ATRium, B2R, BPM, CopyCAT, C4, CBR, EMM, H3X, H5N1, hm, iHF, JiM, JUST, LIR, MOD, OBC, ONe, PTC, QMI, SiBERiA, SYNDIKAT, TRa, USF, VOiCE, WRE, XXL, ZzZz. P2P groups: mLp, DMM, fLp, OiG, NCR, ZAiK, oHm, Om, Angel, eMi, PTP aka Psytopia and etc.
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