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Book Ivan Pavlov and MV Matorina "engraving technique on wood and linoleum."
Edited by MP Sokolnikova.
State Publishing House "Art", Moscow, Leningrad, 1938.

This unique book (print run was 5,000 copies.) Is interesting and easy to detail, excellent printing performance, excellent examples and numerous reproductions. There is even a colored tab with the image boards for multi-color prints.
The PDF file, scanning. Direct link to download the archive.


A brief sketch of the development of engraving art
Technique engraving
Materials for etching
Tools for engraving
Transfer pattern on the board
printing Methods
The first experiments engraving
Engraving on wood
Engraving from nature
Engraving on linoleum
Utility-technical exercises
Profiles edging engraving
Analysis of the masters art prints
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