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After completing the purchase of The Crew: , you receive a license activation key in UPLAY immediately after payment.

Activation: Uplay
English language
Release date: December 2, 2014
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Бука

►Description of the game: ◄
The Crew is a revolutionary MMO-autosimulator for consoles of a new generation and powerful computers, in which a variety of technical and networking opportunities are used to the maximum. Go on an exciting journey through the expanses of the United States of America in the company of true friends - get a lot of fun. The creators did not stint on the content and took into account that they work for the Internet generation, so The Crew is a real breakthrough in the world of auto-simulators.

►Features: ◄
• GO TO THE COMPANY! Join the game at any time, create a solid team of four players, challenge opponents. Capturing the columns of cars and getting away from the police is always more fun with friends!
• HUGE AND VARIOUS SQUARES Your circuit is the United States! Conquer various routes: crowded streets of business centers, cozy sleepy suburbs, hilly plains, corn fields, canyons, sand dunes and even racing tracks!
• PREPARE THE MACHINE IN ADVANCE As you pass, you will receive new body parts and functional systems. Set 5 special modes (street racing, sports, cross country, raid, ring races) for driving on different routes. Choose special improvements - modify the car for your driving style or type of road.
• WITHOUT GAMING, you can play on tablets based on iOS and Android, as well as on the network. View the results of your friends, pick up modifications to the car in advance, set new records, send the team to perform the task - make a huge amount of action on the go.

How to start playing The Crew:
• If the Uplay client is not installed, download and install it. (Http://
• Log into your Uplay account or register a new one if you do not already have one.
• Click on the image "Gear" and select "Activate product".
• Enter the activation key (you need to buy the Crew to get it).
• After that the game will be displayed in the library of games and you can download The Crew.
14.04.2018 13:18:07
Изначально посчитал что ключ выдали не верно и на этом всё.Но администрация помогла в вопросе и бывает то,что,читать надо внемательно.Ключь данного продавца даётся для торговой площадки Uplay.
10.09.2017 10:27:57
все отлично) спасибо) все активировал)

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