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The Indonesian talent for harmoniously blending aboriginal styles with the arts of the Asian mainland has given rise to fighting arts that are among the most fascinating in the world. Preserved in music, dance, and art as—well as in ritual, tribal law, and mythology—the fighting arts of Indonesian archipelago play a central role in Indonesian culture.

Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia — a profusely illustrated and well researched work from renowned scholar and martial arts teacher Donn F. Draeger — provides a comprehensive introduction to the sophisticated forms of empty-hand combat and myriad unique weapons that characterize Indonesian fighting styles like Pentjak-silat and Kuntao. Draeger shows how the forms are related to their mainland cousins, provides a historical context for their development, and describes the combat methods of Menangkabau warriors, Alefuru headhunters and the Celates pirates.

With over 400 illustrations, Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia is an indispensable addition to any martial artist´s library.
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