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1. Pre-contact by Skype or ICQ
2. In the form of payment to complete: nick character, to pay for the purchase.
3. Give the unique code :)
4. After checking the code Orders are shipped via game mail, you need to be in Your Inbox in the game was no more than 10 letters, no matter if they are read or not, a new letter will not come until you have removed the previous one.
5. If you got Skype then sending will happen quickly.
05.08.2015 16:27:37
Быстро и без суеты
04.08.2015 23:54:50
Всё достаточно быстро и без напрягов
04.08.2015 23:41:31
Получила без проблем, не моментально,но продавец постоянно был на связи.

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