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After payment you will immediately receive a card Playstation Network PSN par value of 1,000 rubles to the Russian account (RUS)

Cards PlayStation Network Cards - a great way to add funds to your wallet PlayStation Network. It´s enough to buy a card PlayStation Network Card and enter a 12-digit numeric code. Then you can easily download any materials from the PlayStation Store, using any platform with support for PSN: Play Station 4, PlayStation 3, PSP, PSPgo.

INSTRUCTIONS card activation from the computer:
1. Go to
2. Boydite into your account.
3. Select the "Account Managment".
4. Enter the "Transaction Managment" and select the Playstation Network Card or Promote Code
5. The voucher code is case sensitive - enter it displayed.

1. Register an account.
2. Select the icon Playstation Network.
3. Select the "Account Managment".
4. Enter "Transaction Managment".
5. Select the Playstation Network Card.
6. The voucher code is case sensitive - enter it displayed.
You buy a real original card Playstation Network. You can be completely confident performance every card purchased, as well as to guarantee the absence of all kinds of negative consequences for your account.

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Все ОК
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