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AdsGen - speeds up the process of writing your Yandex Direct, thereby saving you time on the creation of advertising campaigns.

Edition: Starter

No need to worry about anything! Simply insert the dongle, please carry additives, set program and start the generation. The headlines and ad text will be generated from the program settings and data entered the fullest, while respecting the restrictive framework for the text size in Yandex.

You will only need to check the ads for compliance with Yandex Direct. Title is not cut if the keys longer limit the number of characters in the title Yandex Direct, such headers will need to rewrite their own. It is more convenient to do it in the export Excel file Yandex Direct, where macro displays the number of characters in the title.


Processing of key phrases.
 - Remove negative words.
 - Remove special characters.
 - Remove duplicate key phrases.
 - Placing a "+" operator in front of pretexts.
 - Processing of the register of key phrases.
 - Adding operators Yandex Direct.
 -! Key! Phrase
 - "Passphrase"
 - "! Key! The phrase"
 - Replacement of key phrases.
 - Removing the key words in the list minus.

Adjustment of ad text.
 - Ability to load the program prepared text ads on your needs.
 - Ability to write / adjust ad text in the number of characters, using the tips of the program.

 - Announcements are made on a template: "{keyword}. {Sellsupp}!". You can change the case and formatting template.

Number of items:
 - Generation of ads on a single key.
 - Generation of ads in all possible ways.

Free updates for 1 year.
Лицензия выдаётся на одного пользователя.
Поддержка операционных систем: Windows Vista и выше.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:
- E-mail address (email);
- Name;
- Name;
- Company;
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale of goods.
06.09.2018 11:02:37
Всё отлично
05.12.2017 16:08:57
Разобрались. Все норм
31.03.2017 14:32:21
Пользуюсь третий год. Для генерации текста самое то. Суппорту вообще низкий поклон.. помогает по всем техническим вопросам до победного!
05.05.2016 10:16:09
все норм
29.04.2016 2:03:20
Мне понравилась программа. Очень удобно и понятный интерфейс. Функционал супер.
01.02.2016 11:44:32
Спасибо разработчику за программу AdsGen. Очень нужная программа и экономит кучу времени.
27.01.2016 14:07:50
хорошая программа, быстро выдали лицензию
26.01.2016 0:22:47
Быстро генерирует десятки тыс. объявлений. Как для Директа, так и для Эдвордса рекомендую!
08.07.2015 12:27:49
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