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After payment you will receive a special 16-th unique code. With the code you will receive from the seller of a random thing Mythical game DotA 2 you purchased quantities. Objects to play DotA 2.

CAUTION When you pay for the goods, and he just will not come, do not be afraid !!! Boat ship goods within 16 hours (when I told him he´ll give a link to the exchange offer) Please do not leave negative feedback, if not passed 16 hours from the time of sale!
For delivery Mythical make sure that you have Steam Guard enabled more than 7 days ago !!!
Make sure that you open your inventory.

How to get the goods:
After payment, please contact us in the section corresponding with the seller on the page of the purchased goods, as follows:
1) Enter your link exchange:
The first way to find the link, you will see on the second picture item description (above).
Second method:
1. Click on this link
2. Enter the username and password if you have not done so.
3. Scroll the wheel down and there you will see the link. Here it is necessary to send in correspondence seller, together with a unique code you received after payment!
2) Enter the 16-digit code that you received after payment.
Caution Held campaign! When writing positive reviews and phrases in this recall, "I want a gift," you have a chance to get randomly subject DotA 2.
As for the positive feedback you will receive a gift certificate in the amount of 8% of the amount paid!
If you for some reason canceled the exchange, the funds are not paid back.

Guaranteed delivery of the goods within 16 hours!
06.09.2018 1:51:20
Всё отлично! Хочу подарок
19.04.2018 7:57:43
Отличный товар всем советую)
03.02.2018 11:19:53
Хочу подарок
28.05.2017 8:29:41
Все пришло, хочу подарок!
17.09.2016 11:09:20
Спасибо! быстрая доставка!хочу подарок:)
20.05.2016 22:55:36
Хороший товар
02.05.2016 14:01:56
Все хорошо, хочу подарок:)
30.04.2016 8:40:32
I want a gift
29.04.2016 21:22:32
Всё четко
05.03.2016 10:35:31
Спасибо! быстрая доставка!
16.02.2016 11:57:38
все отлично
30.01.2016 1:02:53
Всё круто, спасибо продавцу
25.11.2015 11:19:07 и что?
17.11.2015 19:37:49
Спасибо всё пришло
06.10.2015 14:37:15
всё хорошо
02.10.2015 15:18:03
Все найс хочу подарок
05.09.2015 12:12:50
сайт хороший^^
02.09.2015 10:24:22
хочу подарок
18.08.2015 14:39:22
хочу подарок
30.06.2015 11:08:50
Спасибо,хочу подарок покупаю не в первый раз
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