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Activation: Steam
Interface: Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Genre: Action
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: SEGA
Platform: PC
Release date: February 16, 2010
Activation and use region: Russia, Ukraine and all CIS countriesattentionAttention! Under the new Steam service rules, you can not accept this game in inventory. Only immediately activate. To transfer the game to a friend - just pass the received link to it without going over it. </ Attention>

♦ Game description:

A new thriller from the famous developer - the company Rebellion, in 1999 released a famous game in which people, Aliens and Predators met for the first time in uncompromising battles.
The battle continues - different forms of life will converge again in an irreconcilable struggle. In the game Aliens vs Predator players are waiting for three exciting story campaigns, as well as unforgettable multiplayer battles in which each race will be able to take advantage of its unique tactics.
Insidious fate brought people, Aliens and Predators on the planet BG-386, where the colonists discovered a mysterious ancient pyramid belonging to the race of ruthless hunters.
Legitimate owners of the construction sent to the BG-386 detachment, which should at all costs prevent people from opening a sealed tomb securely. Players will be in the epicenter of a fierce struggle, where some try to survive, others try to save the universe, and still others simply hunt!

♦ Features:

◊ Man. In the role of the American paratrooper visit the deadly planet, where each step can be the last. To survive in an unequal battle will help an impressive arsenal of powerful weapons and explosives.
◊ Predator. Any enemy is a trophy that you need to take over in a duel. Fighting for Predators, use the most high-tech weapons, as well as the ability of these creatures to perfectly mask and suddenly attack.
◊ Alien. The jaws of these nightmarish creatures are scarier than the trap, and the claws are sharper than any blade. Strangers are the most deadly creatures in the universe. All other living beings for them are only food and cocoons for breeding offspring. Hide in darkness, unnoticed slide on ceilings and walls, tear, bite and burn enemy with acid.
◊ Three story campaigns. Each race has its own story, its own truth and its purpose. Look at one conflict from three different perspectives.
◊ Unique multi-player battles. In a network mode, absolutely different creatures will come together in a fight. Choose your way of survival!
♦ Installation instructions:

1. You must download and install the Steam client (if not already installed)
2. After purchase, you will receive a link, which will need to go to the browser.
3. Log in to the site.
4. To accept a gift.
5. Select - "Add to Library".
6. Play!

Attention to buyers, especially wholesale. The period of storage of the paid game is 5 days from the date of purchase. Then we recycle the game
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13.07.2017 10:37:40
Всё пришло моментально. Спасибо большое! Другу тоже покупаю
10.07.2017 19:09:52
23.02.2017 16:47:02
+. хочу подарок
12.01.2016 22:00:26
Все хорошо спасибо )
01.01.2016 23:36:37
28.12.2015 12:16:06
спасибо, пришло
19.12.2015 17:12:34
Всё получил.
14.12.2015 11:02:31
спасибо все пришло,хочу подарок
22.10.2015 8:56:03
игра пришла.хочу подарок.
23.09.2015 19:33:39
Все пришло,все отлично!
06.09.2015 23:06:32
Спасибо!Как всегда - всё супер!
05.09.2015 11:51:51
Все пришло, все отлично
04.09.2015 21:34:10
Все получилось спасибо хочу подарок
11.08.2015 17:08:39
Все отлично! Хочу подарок )
08.08.2015 1:24:06
Спасибо! Хочу подарок!
03.08.2015 22:21:20
Все хорошо. Спасибо.
28.07.2015 21:37:58
Установка пошла , спасибо за игру. Хочу подарок!

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