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Uploaded: 01.11.2018

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The game is NOT for UKRAINE, NOT for CRIMEA and any other region. You can check your region here:
Activation is possible ONLY for Steam accounts from RUSSIA. In case of an error, you will need to change the country of the account via "VPN" to "Russia" in the "About account" section. Or to create a new, Russian account </ attention>

Activation: Steam
Interface: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
Voice: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
Subtitles: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
Genre: Action, Adventure games, Indie, Multiplayer games, Role playing games
Developer: Facepunch Studios
Publisher: Facepunch Studios
Platform: PC, Linux, Mac
Release date: February 8, 2018

♦ Game description:

RUST is a video game in the genre survival horror, developed and released by the creators of the famous Garry´s Mod, the studio Facepunch Studios. It is based on Unity 3D engine. Like many other games of this kind of plan, the gamers have only one goal in mind - to survive, survive and survive again. By any means. Not bowing down to anything.
The game develops in a world where the apocalypse once again happened. As you can understand, life is not better - on the contrary: cities are covered with radioactive dust, hordes of zombies roam the forests, fields and dales, and the survivors are turned into bandits. As an additional pill to maintain the bitter taste of life, wild animals divorced in the vicinity - for example, wolves. Very, very hungry wolves, to taste the human beast - what to mark the bush. People are no longer caught now - many of them, except that they do not run without pants, and ordinary cobblestones are often used as weapons. The real Stone Age - with a correction for local realities.Normal price in Steam: 619 rubles.
All our games are 100% licensed. They are permanently activated on your account and they will never be recalled. Guaranteed quality </ attention>Attention!
In connection with the new Steam rules, you can not put the game in inventory. Purchase and delivery of games is carried out manually, directly to your account. To do this, you need to specify a link to the Steam account in the field to the right (under the price).
We will add you as a friend and transfer the game. With an online operator, this will happen much faster) </ attention>Activation is possible ONLY for Steam accounts from RUSSIA.
If you made a mistake with the region, the game slows down, does not start, did not like it - the refund of funds is NOT carried out. Please read before buying actual user reviews and system requirements on the Steam game page/attention
♦ Installation Instructions:

1. Log into your Steam account (either download the client and register at
2. Copy the link to your Steam profile (right-click on the profile -> "Copy the address of the page" or in the address bar of the browser) and specify it when buying the game.
3. Wait for us to invite friends, accept it, then agree to receive the game.
4. After adding to the library, start downloading the game files and wait for the full download.
5. Play!

If you still have any questions - contact us, we will be happy to help you.
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31.10.2018 19:10:21
10.03.2018 1:13:39
Отличный продавец) Ответил на все вопросики, спасибо тебе еще раз*) Товаром ОЧЕНЬ ДОВОЛЬНА!)) Всем рекомендую т.к. цена дешевле всех на площадке и продавец почти всегда онлайн))
12.12.2016 20:00:03
12.12.2016 18:13:16
все окей
12.12.2016 18:00:46
Все хорошо
12.12.2016 16:34:26
Все хорошо
11.12.2016 22:24:00
Быстро полулено
18.07.2016 18:07:43
отлично, пришло моментально!!
17.07.2016 10:44:10
Все отлично! Игру получаешь, как подарок через стим. Спасибо продавцу за низкую стоимость!
15.07.2016 14:12:41
Все шик
14.07.2016 11:52:20

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