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Fantastic story for primary school age.

Terrible owner of the taiga - the bear breaks burrow chipmunk. Hunter kills hungry rod, and they picked up the chipmunk is a city boy from Sergei. On the night of the New Year Sergei dream a dream that turns into a chipmunk large and beautiful golden beast. Together with gold chipmunk Sergei goes to a wonderful trip to the Far East ... In such a lively and interesting way Sun. Ivanov introduces young readers to the wealth of the Far Eastern lands.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... Bear managed to only get to the front of mink, where he climbs a chipmunk in the late autumn. His habitation, he always digs beneath large trees which back strongly pulling a water from the soil - up to half a ton a day. The earth beneath is well drained. Behind the front mink, deeper and further, chipmunk makes a corridor and a second hole. It kept its winter stores. Pantry always dug very carefully - it floor hard, clean, on it in order, on grades, stacked grain to grain at various seeds, nuts, hazelnut and cedar, and if the box is close - the meat and grain. There are also dried mushrooms ... "Download: Vsevolod Ivanov. Gold Chip.
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