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The book talks about food, medicinal and other beneficial properties of the plants growing in the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic; provides a brief botanical description, chemical composition, used in folk medicine.

The book is intended for the general reader.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... We had to get to the base camp about 40 km. Of course, on the trail there was no question. Wood debris and tall grass, twisted hop, snaring. So we decided to lengthen the path, but the forest around the rubble, climb the ridge and go Kazyrgan its spurs. The day turned out to be hot and cloudless. Small streams have dried up. Very thirsty. Walk along the ridge as we still had more than 3 hours. Here we are reminded of the juicy beam hogweed. True, they are outgrown, but in the shade of the trees still met the young beams. We cut them with a knife, scraped off the cork fiber peel and chew. So temporarily drowned thirst. Soon, on the northern slope of the bed of a dried-up stream in to see the huge pipes angelica. In animal tracks where wandering elk, angelica plants were broken and plucked them from the rain water. Carefully lower srezhesh membrane 5-8 cm diameter pipe so long about 50 cm, and it more than a liter of water. If the strain through a scarf - you can drink. Since that day we rescued these herbaceous taiga giants. Many times we have used their services, especially hogweed as hiking cheap product ... "Download: Yuri Nikiforov. Treasured grass Altai.
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