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The old man, who lost his memory in the distant forty-first year during the battles for the Brest Fortress, who passed the school of the criminal zone and suddenly became rich, now meets a stranger in the park and suddenly remembers everything.
In the house of a retired operative - a lieutenant colonel of the militia settles something that has revealed to him the mystery of Eternity.
The girl, kidnapped by the businessmen of black porn business, is making a desperate, obviously unsuccessful attempt to escape and ... she succeeds.
All these plot lines are dynamically and intriguingly interwoven into one strong tangle
I defined this scribble for myself, as an adventurous attempt
Create a spiritual harmony with your favorite novel "The Master and Margarita."

Here there is nothing in common and comparable to either the plot or the topic
More by skill. Only spiritual harmony.
But that the reader should not be bored with leafing through pages, a novel,
Moderately stuffed with mysticism, adventure, humor and ... permeate
The memory of the most terrible war.
All the events of the novel, the names and surnames of the heroes are fictitious.
The names of cities and towns are also partly fictitious
Or changed.
All coincidences can only be random.
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Dear reader! Do not be scared of the word "pensioner" in the title of the book.
This book is designed for the discerning reader from 18 to 90 years. The author writes all his books in the traditions of magical realism, in his peculiarly topical manner. All five novels (three of which were published several times in well-known publishing houses of Russia) included all the leading genres of literature: from mysticism to qualitative intellectual prose. It is enough that many readers called the author the new Bulgakov of the new century. But it´s on your court. In any case, your feedback will stimulate the author for further publication of his novels.
Sincerely, the publisher Razuvaev IL
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