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Celestial fragments or Skyshards or Skayshardy in TES Online are interactive objects that your character can be found in the vicinity of Tamriel.

Cobrav 3 Skyshards you can get one extra point for any ability or skill.

We will help you in collecting Skyshards in any location.

It requires the transfer account.

The level of your character should correspond to the level required location.

Execution period - about 8 hours.

Rate is for 1 location. By location meant Stounfolls, Glenumbra etc.

Collection Skyshards in Cyrodiil discussed individually with the operator.
For your attention there, and lots of other services in a variety of games:

--- World of Warcraft --- - Korkronsky Crusher. Mount with Garrosh hmm - 14/14 XM OO Loot wounds - 13/14 XM OO Loot wounds - 14/14 Normal Lute wounds - Glory of the Raider Orgrimmar - winner in the trials: Gold - 1800 RSF Rating - 2200 RSF Rating - 2200 Arena rating - Honor Points (Honor) - Conquest Points

--- Hearthstone --- - Gold portrait of the character. - A complete set of standard cards - Bleeding rank character 5 - 1 - Leveling the character level 50-60

--- --- Dota 2 - 10 Gauge games - Bleeding MMR 0-3000 Rating - Bleeding MMR Rating 5500-6000

--- The Elder Scrolls online --- - Leveling 1-50 - Skyshards / Celestial pieces - Leveling 1-50 Professions

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