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Task 1

Explore chapter 1. Choose the correct answer and mark the answers on the form.

Question 1. What are the state system of crime prevention, prosecution and punishment of those responsible.

1. arrest;

2. searched;

3. The authorities of criminal justice;

4. The prosecutor's office;

5. preliminary investigation.

Question 2. What body is designed to administer justice in criminal cases?

1. The Court of Arbitration;

2. The arbitral tribunal;

3. The Prosecutor's Office;

4. Court;

5. investigation.

Question 3. The details regulating the activity of criminal justice?

1. The procedural rules;

2. The authority;

3. local authorities;

4. The normative acts;

5. The municipal authorities.

Question 4. In what form takes criminal procedure, regulated by law?

1. subordination;

2. Control;

3. Jurisdiction;

4. relations;

5. imperative.

Question 5. What does the word "process" in Latin language?

1. Court;

2. move to move forward;

3. condemnation;

4. consideration;

5. The establishment of the truth.

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