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These video course is designed primarily for novice bloggers, as well as for those who for a long time does not see its result in the blogosphere. He will move in the right direction and allow fewer mistakes. If you are a beginner blogger, you will be much easier with this course. As practice shows, over a long abnormal development blog, the blog becomes unfit for use for its further development. Blog search engines is simply added to the ban of which is practically impossible to get out. Therefore, those who did not get to develop your own blog for 1 year, you probably have to create a new blog. Also, the course will cover the basic principles of blogging to help avoid serious errors. Many novice bloggers do not think about the consequences of not proper development, talking about it is not well-written articles and premature promotion and monetization. The most important problems were mentioned earlier is not properly written articles (articles with mistakes and those articles that are not clear to visitors), premature promotion (promotion, ie the purchase of a huge number of links to a new resource) and premature monetization (ie, early filling of various types of blog advertising).
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