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The business plan of livestock production. This business plan was prepared in 2014.

The business plan is designed to make a profit at the expense of production and sales of livestock population.

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1. Summary.

2. Description of the activity.

3. Market research and analysis.

4. Marketing Plan.

5. The production plan.

6. Organizational plan.

7. The financial plan.

8. Risk Analysis.

9. Appendix.

The business plan is designed to make a profit at the expense of production and sales of livestock population Semenovski district and Voronezh region.

This project will provide the following tasks:

• Meeting the needs of the population in food products (milk, meat).

• Creation of new sources of income due to the implementation of animal products.

• Increase the number of cattle on the farm and as a consequence an increase in production volumes.

• Employment of the unemployed.

The advantage of livestock production are:

1. The demand for food products (milk, dairy products, meat, beef).

2. Proximity to consumer products.

3. Reasonable price for these products.

4. The quality of the products.

5. Environmentally friendly.

Description of activity.

Livestock is a sector of agriculture, is engaged in breeding of farm animals for the livestock production (milk, meat, bacon, egg). Cattle breeding is one of the most important sectors of agriculture, giving valuable food: milk, meat.

Depending on the main activities are distinguished dairy, meat and dairy and beef cattle.

According to the draft plan to be engaged in milk production and breeding calves for rearing, ie the cultivation of calves up to 6 months.

It is planned to increase the purchase of livestock and production of milk two cows, the average monthly milk yield not less than 15 liters per day.

Breeding dairy cattle has its own characteristics. To increase milk production is necessary to observe the correct diet animals. In spring and summer, the animals have better pastures, on the basis of complete feed. Towards the autumn, when the grass is not as juicy, must be added to feed other foods. For example, in August-October, well-fed cows watermelons, in November-December, pumpkins, beets. In the winter, except for roughage (hay, straw), you must enter into the diet of animal feed grain, meal, bran. All year round it is necessary to ensure that animals used the right amount of water, salt, chalk.

It is important to observe the rules of animal welfare, maintaining the purity of the necessary facilities.

Regularly scheduled vaccination and research.

For healthy, strong offspring need to be addressed by selection (once every two years to change the bull - producer).

Market research and analysis.

The study and analysis of the market and the assessment of the marketing environment in the framework of this project the following conclusions.

At this point in the territory of the district Semenovski procurement of milk from the population of MSCs has been "Mikhailovsky" and JSC Elansky maslosyrkombinat that meets the needs of farms in the products and support healthy competition between loggers milk.

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