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Thanks to 10 years of continuous work on the engine, ARMA II boasts the most realistic battles in the open area around the world. The game simulates the physics of the real world, the interaction of materials, complementing all this with a change of day and night in real time and dynamic wind, various weather effects of the environment. Simulation of combat environment is so effective that on the basis of this engine was created a training simulator to train real fighters around the world.
Despite the fact that the game takes place on the territory of the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernorus, the in-game world was created on the basis of a segment of 225 square kilometers from the real world! Highly detailed landscape of the game is a very accurate copy of the real terrain, modeled using spatial geographical data. The surrounding nature of this region was completely recreated, as well as inhabited by people and various animals. Wild animals walk through the forest while the inhabitants of Chernorusi try to survive in the epicenter of the fighting.
27 the subdivision of the land the intelligence of U.S. troops landed near the former Soviet Republic of Chernorus in the third part of the famous series of military simulators for PC from the "Bohemia Interactive", the creators of the game "Operation Flashpoint: Cold war" and "Armed Assault".
Force reconnaissance team "Razor" are among the first to attack. This elite team of five fighters is ready to plunge into the fight not only for the territory but also for the population of the country. The power of the marine corps, the US and the Russians anxiously watching from the North, the situation has heated up to the limit. Chernarus future rests on a knife edge...
08.06.2018 22:43:30
Хочу подарок
08.06.2018 15:56:33
Отличный продавец, поддержка на уровне, возникла проблема с подарком (не пришел), разобрались, товар получил. Буду покупать еще.
27.05.2018 20:33:12
Игру добавили а аккаунт, а значит все хорошо. #Хочу подарок
03.04.2018 21:12:25
Все хорошо. Хочу подарок
19.03.2018 11:56:22
спасибо продавцу, был вопрос и сразу же решили его, всем советую этого продавца.
22.02.2018 15:52:52
Игру выслали, хоть и прошло немного времени после оплаты!
10.02.2018 22:33:21
Спасибо, все отлично работает. Хочу подарочек:)
14.01.2018 16:36:13
Хочу подарок
14.12.2017 14:14:21
Все пришло, хороший продавец, рекомендую.

Хочу подарок.
14.11.2017 16:30:39
Спасибо) От подарка ессстественно не откажусь)
25.10.2017 18:26:00
Все пришло, спасибо. От подарка бы не отказался)
02.08.2017 10:48:28
Всё круто товар получен!!! Хочу подарок!!!
03.06.2017 11:55:21
хочу подарок
14.05.2017 13:31:46
Отличный продавец! Не кинул!
27.04.2017 18:35:41
Всё ок. Хочу подарок
22.04.2017 15:48:57
02.04.2017 12:14:45
Всё просто супер!! Лучшая цена, лучший продавец!!!

( хочу подарок ^d^)
31.03.2017 19:13:56
Хочу подарок
27.03.2017 9:16:51
Хочу подарок маил
27.03.2017 9:06:50
Хочу подарок маил

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