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Description of the game
A new era of intense shootings has come!

And with a new era comes a whole lot of new products! Unusual gaming experience will present extremely dynamic battles in an enclosed space under tactical conditions, which have always been associated with special squads of counter-terrorist units! And you will have a choice ... The choice of the party! You will be able to prove yourself in battle and in defense and in attack, as you should prepare for the operation, unless, of course, you are intimidated by the opportunity to buy Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six Siege and predetermine your leisure time!

Become an embodiment of tactics and cunning in the hottest conflict!
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11.08.2018 10:05:52
12.09.2016 20:45:30
Все ОК! Коплю на стим
17.09.2015 17:44:59
28.04.2015 14:09:13
13.03.2015 19:56:38
Ок, Коплю на STEAM
29.09.2014 17:38:24
Ключ получил, активировал, всё ок.
Коплю на Steam.
21.05.2014 7:51:39
Все хорошо)"Коплю на стим"
08.05.2014 23:33:07
Все отлично! коплю на steam
08.05.2014 21:35:25
Спасибо всё отлично ждёмс подарка
08.05.2014 20:56:10
Спасибо. "Коплю на STEAM"
08.05.2014 19:53:06
Все отлично. "коплю на steam "
08.05.2014 18:40:52
Спасибо! Коплю на Steam!
08.05.2014 12:57:51
все отлично, коплю на steam
08.05.2014 12:51:05
Спасибо! Хочу подарок! Коплю на стим
08.05.2014 11:59:51
Коплю на steam !!!
08.05.2014 8:50:10
Всё отлично. Коплю на steam.
08.05.2014 4:45:03
все ок.коплю на steam.
08.05.2014 0:37:46
Всё отлично. Коплю на steam.
08.05.2014 0:14:35
Все оК.
08.05.2014 0:13:39
Всё отлично.Спасибо.Коплю на steam.

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