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When writing the book, the author set himself two main tasks. Firstly, to show the evolution of ciphers. It fully fits the term "evolution" as the development of codes can be viewed as evolutionary struggle. Code is always subject to attack deshifrovalytsikov. Once deshifrovalytsiki create a new tool that reveals a weakness of the cipher, its further use becomes meaningless. Secondly, to show that the ciphers today are much more important than it ever was before. As information becomes increasingly valuable commodity, and the revolution in communications to change society, the encryption process is beginning to play an increasingly important role in everyday life. Today, our telephone calls are transmitted via satellite, and our emails go through various computers, and can easily carry out the interception of information transmitted on both these types of communication that threatens our privacy. Similarly, since the business is increasingly done via the Internet, security measures should be introduced to protect the company and their clients
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