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Verification work on discipline "Environmental Law"

Question 1: What are the main stages in the development of environmental legislation?

Question 2. What is the role of the Constitution of the Russian Federation as a source of environmental law?

Question 3. What is meant by environmental human rights?

Question 4: What are the principles established rules of nature? Expand the contents of each principle.

Question 5. What are the special organs of state environmental management and environmental protection. Specify their tasks and functions.

Question 6. What is the value of government reports on the state of the environment in the Russian Federation?

Question 7: What is the procedure of the state ecological examination?

Question 8: What are the peculiarities of licensing of waste into the environment?

Question 9. What is the structure of environmental violations?

Question 10. What are the specifics of liability for environmental damage caused by the source of increased danger?

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