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Set vector for producing the popular car stickers.

Used for the manufacture of stickers on cars, as well as printing on textile items, souvenirs, etc ..



2. The claws and the inscription MONSTER ENERGY

3. WWF Warning! Endangered species Automobiles Tonirovanus

4. WWF Protect tinted cars

5. The inscription My Life My Rules (My Life My Rules)

6. Pitbull

7. Policeman and drivers

8. Rabbit PlayBoy

9. BPAN. Logos of the club fans low-set cars.

10. Airborne. Nobody except us!

11. Danger! High sound pressure!

12. DomoKun

13. Trollfeys

14. BUNKER. Community vehicles in the bunker.

15. Kiss (Lips)

16. Characters: Survival of the fittest

17. Sign: Caution! I give the corner!

18. Something

19. Cote Simon + bowl (all fuels)

20. Cote Simon with a club
In the archive:

1. "Information tovare.txt" - a text file that you are reading.

2. "image.jpg" - a file of images to see how look vector images.

3. "photo" - pictures, which show how the image will look like this (for example, a sticker) on a given surface: glass or car body, textile, etc.

4. "image.cdr" - themselves vector image This file is a commodity. Open it is possible only in a specialized vector graphics program CorelDraw, but that should not scare you. In order to produce, for example, stickers on cars, you only need to bring this file to any advertising company. There you will plotter narezhut sticker of any size and color. These vector files are also used in high-quality (!) Printing on T-shirts or baseball caps.

You can also make a small business in your region in the production of stickers, T-shirts, baseball caps and other paraphernalia. In the manufacture of any of these types of products you need this vector file. And now you have it always will be.
11.05.2014 17:48:39
то что надо!!!!!!
весь интернет облазил, а не чего подобного не нашел. спасибо продавцу))))
было бы больше или если бы продавец еще бы выставил вообще было бы отлично!

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