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I propose to run on baze in xrumer (2mln.200tys.) Sites.

The result of this run is:
Increase reference weight of your site.
So as if the quality of website optimization increase positions low demand! (The observations were made in Google and Yandex)
Here are some examples of growth reference mass View -
Run a: the substitution of your URL. the transition to the site from the database.
Thus, in statistics, different modules and scripts accounting transitions - installed on the sites of the base there is a link to your site.
Not that statistics modules and scripts are open for indexing SS.
Why keep the database closed for indexing sites?
For traffic and diluting the total mass of links to a variety of sources to give the maximum of natural origin)

Run Time: 1 month.

Report: on request of the customer screen software make video or run a short course record.

To order: required URL. Your website, or a list of pages if you want to get rid of the inside pages.

Price run: 10 WMZ (USD)

Payment for services - contact me at e-mail: (listed in the "information on the seller and its products")
In a letter to specify:
- The resulting code after payment.
- URL. site for a run, or a list of internal pages of your site.
Sequence of the run is as follows:
After payment I make screen indicators on your website "" and refer to you!
After completing the run, doing this same screen and sends to a report!
Usually added after running 500 - 600 referring domains!
The data that I need to start the run:
Code which you will receive after payment.
Site Address (quote as soon as it is indexed to «www» or without).
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