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If you are looking for professional poems on any subject, you did the right choice! You here!
                                                                                                                Russian Konstantin
member of the Writers RUSSIA, a member of the International Union of Writers "The New Contemporary", jury member (Litsovet), winner of the "National Literary Award, Golden Feather of Russia - 2012" - Diploma of them. Twardowski (Provided military medal) ...

     Collection of poems and songs, "VZLETE WOULD boundless heights ..." - winner of the contest for the best works of the club "Curiosities 2012", after a rigorous selection JV Russian uchastovat in the program "15 RUSSIAN BOOKS at the Paris Book Fair" ... My experience - since 1969.

The price of one quatrain - $ 3.
Minimum order - 4 quatrains.
Term of writing verse - 5-7 days.

Terms of the order:
When you are ready, I sent to your e-mail address 50% of written verse.
If you like the quality of work, then you can pay the cost of the work.
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