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Lesson №66. Simulation of woodcarving in SolidWorks. Socket

Finally, it's time to dispel the myths and conjectures that have developed around the theme of modeling wood carving, decor, stucco program SolidWorks. SolidWorks, this task on the shoulder. Of course approach radically different from 3DsMAX, but if you become familiar with the tools and the good "stuff" hand - you can quickly model even the most unimaginable model! ...

In this tutorial, we will build from scratch a model incrementally outlet for photos. To bring your problem to the practice, we will simulate a photograph of the finished socket (wood carving).
Lesson Synopsis №66

1. Introduction.

2. Prepare photos to insert a sketch.

3. Create the base outlet.

4. Creation of the first 3d-elements.

5. Edit the position 3d-spline.

6. Modeling using surfaces.

7. Staple surfaces.

8. Convert hollow in a solid model.

9. The results of the lesson.
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Очень полезный урок
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все получилось. Спасибо
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