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Buying from us Crysis 2 Maximum Edition you are guaranteed to receive a license activation key immediately after the payment.


The structure of the publication Crysis 2 Maximum Edition includes:


• Bonus experience - access to a given class and custom class

• Coloring rifle Scar - digital camouflage for the assault rifle Scar

• Modification weapon - early access to the holographic camouflage

• The unique platinum medal - ranking and statistics multiplayer games

• 9 additional cards for all multiplayer game modes

• 2 new weapons - assault rifle FY71 and M18 smoke grenade

In Crysis 2 Aliens devastate New York, and only you have the technology to survive. Change the course of the battle in real time using the unique capabilities of the Force, Armor and Stealth and eradicate the alien threat in a way which ordinary men can only dream of. Crysis 2 - a new level of graphics the concrete jungle of New York City and on consoles and PC. Become weapon!

Features Crysis 2 Maximum Edition:

• In Crysis 2 Crysis 2 Maximum Edition super-modern computer graphics, which is unique in any existing game

Crysis 2 • Inventive aliens: offers the most perfect in the world of artificial intelligence with the possibility of coordination of the behavior of whole groups of characters and realistic reactions to your actions

Crysis 2 • Nanosuit 2: change the battle tactics in real time, adjusting your Nanosuit and weapons, and your super-soldiers will become more and more capacity

• Crysis 2 Multiplayer: Now an internationally acclaimed collective action film from the studio Crytek UK every opportunity Nanosuit 2 are available in multiplayer mode. Due to virtually unlimited possibilities of technology Nanosuit, fighting in Crysis 2 Maximum Edition will be even more interesting and more dynamic
Please pay attention:

1.Klyuch not designed to activate in Steam, it is designed to activate EA Origin!

2.Klyuch has no regional restrictions Region Free and activated in any country. Worldwide (Any Region)!

3.Multilanguage Version! This game includes all of the languages \u200b\u200bavailable for the European region (without patches).



1. Download and install the EA Downloader

2. Run the EA Downloader.

3. Select the language and the place where the game is installed.

4. Go to the "Activation".

5. Create a new account or select an existing one.

6. Enter a key received after the payment, and the same username / e-mail and password for your academic record and click on "Account".

7. After the game activation tab appears with your profile and the list of activated games.

8. Select the name of the game and press "Start".

9. Download and install the game.


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