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We offer you the gold Guild Wars 2 on any server (EU). Accept PayPal. Inexpensive. Reliably. Instantly! Discounts and bonuses.



Payment is made in the upper right corner of the screen where you can choose your preferred payment method.



1. Check with the operator of the presence of gold. Contact is possible through vebmesendzher, ICQ or Skype listed here

2. Pay for your purchase. You will be given a 16-digit code that must be reported to the operator.

3. Tell your Display Name (the name. Eg #### vasya.8756)

4. Get your Gold in 5-6 minutes in-game mail. If the letter does not reach, remove the extra letters. In GV2 in the mailbox can be simultaneously in all 10 letters from other players.

If you long to respond to instant messengers, or it looks as if the operator is offline, please refer to the ICQ or Skype. Most likely it fails instant messengers. - contact the seller (Skype, ICQ, email)
Suppliers are required on all servers. Contact by ICQ or Skype.

* We remind you that the purchase of game currency use regulations Guild Wars 2. And we will do everything possible to prevent any risk of sanctions and the information to zero. Please follow the exact instructions of the operator.

Please kindly leave a review after purchase, without it is impossible to determine the quality of service of the seller. You can leave your comments in the box after the payment of goods or on the page (where you can also see a list of all your purchases)

If you liked the service of our shop, and you would like to receive cumulative discounts and bonuses, as regular customers, save in the References tab:

And with repeated purchases, you will earn discounts!

Thank you for your purchase.
11.05.2017 18:09:28
03.03.2017 20:58:17
все ок
28.02.2017 21:12:18
всё ок
23.02.2017 19:04:16
все ок
29.12.2016 18:55:25
все ок
26.12.2016 13:55:05
Быстро, качественно, недорого) получил голду сразу, после оплаты
21.12.2016 15:04:14
29.10.2016 16:07:45
все ок
03.10.2016 22:25:15
Всё найс, как обычно. Хороший продавец.
27.09.2016 22:06:16
Хороший продавец, рекомендую!
11.09.2016 14:29:30
Все получил, оперативная доставка
24.08.2016 13:04:18
все ок
11.08.2016 20:35:17
05.08.2016 17:04:00
29.07.2016 12:35:25
Спасибо, всё отлично ! и даже с бонусом =)
24.07.2016 14:05:08
Все пришло в течении 3 минут
09.06.2016 13:32:18
Все отлично, дело 5 мин.
24.05.2016 20:02:45
все быстро и качественно
12.05.2016 21:05:21
Все отлично, спасибо
12.05.2016 17:25:34
Продавец сразу среагировал на обращение через мессенджер. Все оформление покупки заняло не более 5 минут. Голд пришел сразу же.

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