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Good afternoon, dear buyer, Marketplace DIGISELLER !!!

Many people zadumyvayutsya how to start a business at home at minimal cost. But even with the roof over his head, and the average salary is still sometimes lacks one detail, ideas ... If this is true then this is exactly the goods you will approach, since it contains four ideas for a home business that you can start your own business:

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Flow Chart FOAM - The invention relates to the building materials industry and can be used in the manufacture of products and designs of the mesh-grained concrete for various purposes.

Known for raw mixture of products from cellular concrete, including cement, lime, clay, water and foaming agent [1] - analogue.

Also known is the closest to the claimed invention on technical essence and attainable effect raw meal for the production of aerated concrete, which includes, by weight. %: 9,3-19,5 Portland; a fine ceramics 37,2-39,1; kleekanifolnuyu emulsion 0,3-0,47; synthetic fiber 0,93-1,0; lime 9,8-18,6; water - the rest [2] - a prototype.

The disadvantages of these mixtures is a large raw product shrinkage during curing, a low compressive strength.

The aim of the invention is to reduce foam shrinkage during curing, improving the compressive strength and reduction of density.

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Produce gasoline from natural gas in the home - are produced by this machine liquid - methanol (methyl alcohol).

Pure methanol is used as solvent and as a high-octane additive to motor fuel, as well as the high-octane (150 octane rating equal) gasoline. This is the gasoline, which is charged with tanks racing motorcycles and cars. As the foreign studies, engine running on methanol, is many times longer than using conventional gasoline, its capacity increased by 20% (at a constant working volume of the engine). The exhaust of the engine running on the fuel, clean and checking it on the toxicity of harmful substances are virtually absent.

Compact apparatus for producing this fuel is easy to manufacture, does not require special knowledge and deficient items, trouble free in operation. Its performance is dependent on various causes, including their dimensions. The device, scheme and description of the assembly which offer you at D = 75 mm gives three liters of fuel per hour of finished, weighs about 20 kg and dimensions of approximately 20 cm high, 50 cm long and 30 cm wide.

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Making ARTIFICIAL STONE - Strictly speaking, the artificial stone is any substance unnatural origin, which in its properties, structure and appearance resembles natural stone. But we are interested in the scope of decorative artificial stone. In this case, fit the following definition: artificial stone - a complete imitation of natural stone and its products using modern artificial and synthetic materials by special technology. Objects made of high-quality artificial stone, causing the illusion of naturalness, both externally (the combination of colors, textures and texture, gloss) and touch.

Of the features of the market we focus your attention on some of the specifics. Ornamental stone market in Russia and the CIS is very young and is still under development. In other words, the real size of the market is still very far from the potential competition is virtually absent, and profitability to date - from 300 to 500 percent. And when you consider that the technology of the decorative stone is easy, if not more so - is primitive, it is clear - any new player in this market, if he is the mind
Also, production technology, you can find the rest of my viewing products.

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