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The extension has the following features:

1) Ability to specify the items in the category, sub-categories and podpodkategorii available in the main directory of your personal account and the Admin Panel. This makes it possible to pinpoint the sections of the public will be in goods firm. Given that it is the leading catalog, the company will automatically be in the categories in which it is goods. This system allows you to display information in the most relevant index (as in index products, and companies in the index), which certainly improves the quality of the directory. For many businesses, especially small and medium businesses are changing activity often enough, but it does not consider it necessary to make these changes in a directory, and the user finding firms that do not belong to this category, it may give a negative impression of the catalog. To learn more about this opportunity is available by registering in the directory

2) The catalog allows you to create firm Listings podpodkategoriyam well as implemented in the home directory for businesses. Working Example here

3) For each firm´s output only one item of goods, in this section. If the company is more than one item appears in the section of the link and "Whole position -" by clicking on which you can view all items for this product at the firm. This section also has its own mini-categories. Working Example here

4) Also added an order form of goods, which, when pressed, displays the order form in a popup window.

5) On the main page, the client also has the ability to display products company. By default, output is implemented as a slider and connected via tags * listovator *. The client and the administrator can choose the catalog any items will be displayed. If you do not choose any product, you will be shown the latest 10 products. This feature is set in the template template / template / main_ (letter tariff plan) .tpl.

6) The output of goods carried through the template tovar.tpl

7) A notable feature of the module is that it does not change the current directory structure, so if you prefer to use an update of the script directory, then make additional changes are required, and the existing structure would be suitable for the transfer to the base version of the script.

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