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Authors: V. Kryshtanovskaya, Russakovich

Of PDF, 2010, 240 p.

Authors: V. Kryshtanovskaya, Russakovich.

2010, 240 pp., ISBN 978-5-904138-04-2.

Trans-Siberian Railway - the longest railway in the world and an important cultural heritage of Russia. Many are passing it by direct train. But much more interesting to go on the Trans-Siberian Railway, stopping at stations large and small, visiting towns and villages. To learn how to make the journey on the Trans-Siberian pleasant and inexpensive, this book tells.

- Detailed descriptions of all obltsentrov Transsib from Kazan Kirov and to Vladivostok, as well as the most interesting regional centers.

- 23 informative city maps, which show almost all of the objects described in the book.

- Reviews of hundreds of attractions: churches, monasteries, castles and museums.

- For each city there are multiple low-cost accommodation and catering places.

- Applications with a review of the main natural attractions of the Trans - Lake Baikal - and Russia's largest island - Sakhalin.
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