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Battle character level 18 in the game Time Zero

Has excellent skills (many 100%)

Good fighting and factional title

Great gear M3 (m3 armor and more weapons from the internals and cards M3 c maximum pumping hetin)

Lots of things to use in battle, changing and rarities (such are no longer produced in the game)

It has several original awards and gifts, etc., free skill reset.

Member of Clan Stalkerz (one of the main clans in the game where the game left many administrators)

Also, there are many cells in cities and perks paid. FAQ pumped Crusher.

The cash balance of about 30 million coins, and a lot Rating stars (about 100)

World TimeZero - this planet has survived a terrifying accident. A nuclear war has devastated the earth and blooming nearly destroyed civilization. The increased levels of radiation caused a huge number of mutations, why in the world there are such critters that before the war would have been called a nightmare. A reference point - the beginning of a new era. The time in which there is no place the weak and infirm. Only the most persistent sons of mankind will be able to emerge victorious from a deadly battle between the people and the world around them.

Now anyone who takes up arms, chooses his own way - many are armed only for protection against the mutants, while others, who did not take the lesson of the war, begin to fight with their own kind. Money, water, ammunition and equipment become sufficient excuse for possible attacks.

On the ruins of old technology was designed and erected a protective dome - construction, protects the standing inside the city from attacks and radiation. The settlement was called New Moscow.

Here and now begins the story of a new world ...

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