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About script exchange visitors (autosurf).

The owner of the site administrator:

You, as the owner of the service receive the influx of visitors, which allows you to organize the service on the basis of an advertising site for profit or promotion of your sites.

This fully customizable service that allows you to create an unlimited number of lists of surfing. You can customize any number of page views. Timer display sites can point at your discretion. The script is fully protected against tampering. Description mounted inside the archive script.

Visitors interested in the promotion of a site adds it to its list of selected surfing - before adding loops through all the sites are on the list (that is, previously added). The next visitor is already adding your site - once again reviewed all of the sites on the list and the URL is ranked first in the list of surfing. This gives a uniform exchange of visits among all participating sites. The script can be installed on a free hosting with PHP and MySQL.

an example of this script in working as

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