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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 1%
$100 the discount is 2%
Dear customer!

Immediately after payment you will automatically receive an activation key for the game Diablo III (Russian version) in a photo. The key is displayed in the browser immediately after the payment, and you will receive a link to download the key to e-mail, you specified at purchase. You always have an opportunity to view the entire history of your purchases and log when

After the first purchase you receive a discount on all our products, which are involved in the discount program.


Each customer can get a choice of one of the gifts * - DIABLO 3 Guest key (ru), StarCraft Guest key (ru) or HearthStone Booster Pack (ru) - a set of 5 cards to play HearthStone from Blizzard (at least one of the five cards - a rare )!
* For gift, please leave positive feedback after the purchase, in the recall not forget to write what you want and what kind of a gift from them. If you provided when purchasing a work E-mail, then the revocation of his point is not necessary.
Presents delivered to the E-mail within 48 hours after the request.
Check the Spam folder, letters with gifts could accidentally get there.


1. Log in to your account at (if you do not have an account, a new register and confirm by clicking the link in your email used when registering)
2. In the "Manage account", select "Attach a game" ("Add Game")
3. On the addition of the game enter key received after payment and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the addition.
We will be very grateful to you for the positive feedback. If you do not have time to write a review unwrapped, then please leave a "+" or "ok". It is very important for us and our future work. Thanks in advance!
Please write a short review after the activation of key. Thank you!

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All our products can be found here:
04.11.2018 15:37:13
Играл в 2 часть дьябло понравилось решил в 3 сыграть, хороший сайт, приветливая компания
11.11.2016 19:28:54
ващк класс всем советую этого парня !!!! все очень быстро и доступно !!!!спасибо огромное
01.10.2016 18:52:06
01.10.2016 14:26:12
Сразу получил игру, пока всё отлично
Хочу в подарок HearthStone Booster Pack
10.09.2016 14:35:52
Спасибо за скорость!Хочу подарок!
04.09.2016 18:45:32
Все работает. Хочу StarCraft Гостевой ключ (ru)
29.08.2016 12:09:15
Хочу подарок
19.08.2016 19:55:31
06.08.2016 16:10:32
25.07.2016 16:33:51
Гут. Хочу подарок Diablo гостевой ключ
20.06.2016 23:51:23
Спасибо всё активировалось. Хочу StarCraft Гостевой ключ (ru)
20.06.2016 17:38:10
все отлично хочу бустер на хартстоун
05.06.2016 13:48:24
Все прошло быстро и точно, спасибо. Можно подарок: HearthStone Booster Pack (ru)
22.05.2016 16:35:03
Всё отлично,хочу бустер в харстоун
29.04.2016 15:10:37
Покупка прошла успешно! Хочу подарок: HearthStone Booster Pack
10.04.2016 23:17:16
08.04.2016 11:56:31
Всё отлично!
05.03.2016 17:29:30
Всё супер, спасибо.
25.02.2016 6:04:20
22.02.2016 22:39:07
Спасибо, активация моментальная)
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