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Meditative exercises to create your own reality and implementing zhelaniy.Kto he alchemist? The phenomenon of alchemy instantly sends our minds in the century, full of mystery and secrets. This word evokes awe, mystery, belonging to something magical, and sometimes - even a deep fear of the unknown. Ancient Alchemist has always been colorful figure !!! Time cover his glory gold image much larger than the one he has ever had, as always happens when approaching the aspects of the mystery. The medieval alchemist spent life on trying to find the secret of turning base metals into gold. Plenty of time and fortunes were spent on these searches, but to no avail. Medieval alchemy failed because its adherents were going in the wrong direction. This alchemist who learns the secret of turning everyday situations into gold, looking for how to find a way out of any situation. Problems and difficulties can be used as a springboard to deepen insight and a real alchemist understands that there are no problems, there are only opportunities.

NO such thing as problems, there are only opportunities

Should a person believe in themselves and start looking for opportunities that are available in every situation - and acquired knowledge simply shocking.

The inner meaning of alchemy is the ability to manipulate matter, to take power over matter, over the three-dimensional measurement, and create the world of the fourth dimension, showing from the invisible into the visible world of the circumstances, the situation, the desired state, and all that is required of us, the people, the world of today.

Science alchemy as old as life itself, it reveals itself to man the seeker, who chose the path of the knowledge of Himself, to find self-realization in this three-dimensional measurement. The only thing you have to take it on faith that lives inside of you that's a alchemist, the Spirit, the magician, everything else you will do your thoughts. We work with you, of course, subjective world, the world of the inner self, the world of the subconscious and super. More about this exercise, you will be able to my website:

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