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Акустические сэмплы, формат WAVE wav

• 757 Мб

Сборка лучших ударных сэмплов, в нее входят как сеты, таки лупы:
• Basic:

o Basses

o Choirs

o Claps

o Cymbals

o Effects

o General

o Hats

o HitStabs

o Industrial

o Kicks

o Percussion

• DrumKits - - for Fruty Loops Studio (+ fst)

o Drum Kit 01

o Drum Kit 02

o Drum Kit 03

o Drum Kit 04

o Drum Kit 05

o Drum Kit 06

o Drum Kit 07

o Drum Kit 08

• DrumLoops

o Dubstep 140 Bpm Bass Loops

o GenreLoops

o Melody Loops

o NewFloops

o SmartLoops

o Other

• DrumSets

o Cr-78

o Dance

o Dubstep Drum Kit

o Gravis_Ultrasound

o Hip-Hop Large

o HipHop

o JazzKit

o Locator Kits

o Logic5

o RealDrumkits

o SpaceSite

o TR909 Kit

o Vin707

o Vin808

o Vin909

o Vintage

o Xr-626

• FPC - for Fruty Loops Studio

o Cymbals

o Hi Hats

o Kick Drums

o Other Percussion

o SideStick_Rims

o Snare Drums

o Toms

• SiteConstructor - for Fruty Loops Studio (+ flp)

o BreakBeat

o D'n'B

o Electro

o Hip-Hop

o House

o Instrumental

o Techno

o Techno2

o Trip-Hop

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