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The action of the game takes place 14 months after the events of the first episode Prototype. New York is still suffering from an epidemic of the virus Blacklight, converting infected people in horrible mutants. The person who started this whole nightmare, Alex Mercer, horrifying gained by power capacity. He is a constant threat for the residents and for the members of Blackwatch, whose special forces "iron fist" restore order in New York.
Sergeant James Heller, the US Army, he returned home from the "hot spot" in the Middle East, discovers that his family was killed in the course of infection. He longs to kill Mercer, believing him guilty of the death of loved ones, and called for a volunteer suicide mission in the center of the infected area. However, Alex infects Heller, which gives to absolutely identical in strength hit. Unfolds the bloodiest and merciless battle between the two sides, which will be drawn all of New York.

Prototype 2
Prototype II

Прототайп 2
Прототайп II
Прототип 2
Прототип II
20.02.2019 15:50:55
Все отлично! Спасибо!!! Отличные продавцы!!! Рекомендую!!!
11.01.2019 9:40:56
Отличный магазин быстро и без обмана.
18.11.2018 9:19:19
14.10.2018 16:45:35
Круто игру получил!
27.07.2018 17:15:57
Всё хорошо . Магазин отличный !
30.06.2018 16:06:45
Ключ пришел рабочий.Игра пришла та,которую покупал+вместе с игрой получил DLC с доп. игровым контеном.Спасибо вам.Давно хотел поиграть в эту замечательную игру.
07.06.2018 9:15:56
11.05.2018 17:19:13
всё отлично

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