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Unique offer!

Hosting 250M, pay-per 3-month. + Pre-registered domain name "star series" (FREE!)

Later, if you prolong service for 12 months. You get an additional 2 months. for free!


After paying the purchase, you get a text file that contains the complete information for access to your account, a different background information and a brief FAQ.


Upon receipt of the file you can immediately start creating your site!


What could be better than a domain name, which is present in which the name of the famous constellation ?!

Just the knowledge that this domain belongs to you !!!!

Offers a fully trained to use a hosting account with russifitsirovat control panel allows you to change your appearance.

In addition - you do not need to register the right domain name!

You get it together with hosting and later, you can add one or more separate domains to your account, which will allow you to use advanced email, or include multiple sites in one place, under different names.

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