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Bibliophile 1.061 - programs catalogers your

electronic resources or URL links.

Full-text search in TXT, HTML, DOC files.

Maintenance of an inventory of book library. Powerful

Picks by author, title, date, etc.. criteria

in the database references. Automatically add links

in the base. Import links from HTML files and BBS. The Work

with the funds. The ability to store links to any

files and open them directly from the program! Preservation

citations in Word documents, citing a source.

The combination of simplicity and user-friendliness

and efficiency for the administrator directory.

The program is designed to facilitate the retrieval of you

resources (electronic books, photos, music) among

large amount of information. Runs on Windows

98 \\ ME \\ 2000 \\ XP.

A method of obtaining a license:

The buyer sends an e-mail the author login

Author sends reg. code
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