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How to save the sight, working on the computer? Do I have the daily work on the computer lead to vision loss? These and other similar questions for many years care professionals, doctors, computer users. After all, it is no secret that the computer every day deeper into our everyday lives, and modern man is simply unable to live, work, and often - and a vacation without a computer. With it, we earn a livelihood, to make purchases at online stores, we start dating, read news, conduct business and personal correspondence, and leisure time, more and more attached to the computer (video, music, games, internet, chat, etc. .d.). Therefore, the problem of preservation for computer users is probably one of the most urgent problems, and ignore it - so put themselves at risk to earn a variety of eye diseases, if not soon, then in the near future.

In general, the increased load on vision tests are now the majority of people, regardless of whether they are users of the computer or not: someone a lot of paperwork, someone is forced to work in poor lighting conditions, etc. However, work on the computer has a feature that distinguishes it from unprofitable work, for example, the papers: paper person sees the image, which is created by a continuous line, and the same image on the computer is formed from the individual is constantly flickering points; This fact greatly increases the strain on the eyes.

Eye strain begins to increase, we still at school and throughout life almost never reduced (even on vacation we watch TV, read books and newspapers, etc.). According to scientists, about 80% of the information acquired by a person from the outside world, he gets by sight. This fact underscores the need to take care of the health of their eyes - in fact any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure.

The study of this book will help you keep your eyesight, even with constant and long-term work on the computer. We will look at the most important characteristics of the monitor, affecting vision, look at the exercises and special programs simulator that will help relieve fatigue eyes, learn how to properly organize your workplace (from the convenience and comfort of operation depends largely on the load on the eye) as well as learn a lot useful information. In a separate chapter covers the special features (configuration of the operating system, a variety of programs, etc.), designed specifically for people with impaired vision.

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