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Book of political analyst Tatyana Grachev "Invisible Khazaria" for many will be a revelation, overturning established ideas about the contemporary world of big politics and in a sense - a sensation.

For the first time in decades, there is such a simple shape and a deep understanding of the essence of actual "forbidden" topics not only in the usual high society intellectual dimension, but also in the unusual, the spiritual and religious sacred context.

The world is controlled by religious and big politics of the West are religious anti-Christian force - that is only one of the fundamental discoveries of the author, analyzing the global policies, not only as a political scientist, but also as a spiritual analyst.

Russia in the face of the state and secular society were not ready and not able to respond adequately to the challenges of the modern spirit of international external aggressors seized in Russia important government positions and leading a war against its sacred statehood.

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