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This book is dedicated to those who want to learn and improve their skills in the skill of sewing clothes. In recent years, especially increased the number of women seeking to learn cutting and sewing or in an organized manner (courses in circles), or independently. For the second category of "girls' primary and I read this book, for those who do not know how to sew. The material presented in the manual corresponds to the number of the expanded program of the first year of study at the three-year course of sewing.

For those readers who sew a little, mainly using ready-made patterns (which, of course, binds the initiative seamstress), the book will be useful in the construction drawings and modeling. But, I think, not only in this. No doubt, some recommended treatments for them are new and will be more rational than those used by it. The book contains examples of calculation and manufacturing patterns, sewing examples, examples of calculation of various garments for both women and for members of her family and a lot of interesting information. All examples are illustrated.

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