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Crysis 2 - Aliens smash New York; full-scale invasion from outer space threatened death to all mankind. Neither the declaration of martial law, nor the power of the US military can not stop the invaders. It is only by you, in a unique version of the Nanosuit 2, you can confront the aliens, making what ordinary soldier could only dream of.

Crysis 2 - Nanosuit version 2: adapt to the combat environment, using a mode of masking and protection, navigate with superhuman speed and modify his suit as far as possible.

Crysis 2 - New York New York: picture quality platform PC, the game reached Crysis®, is still unsurpassed. Playing Crysis 2 raises the bar even higher, setting new standards for graphics and PC consoles. Rate bleak beauty of the destroyed New York City!

Crysis 2 - Amazing Aliens: thanks to its unique artificial intelligence to coordinating action, swift and deadly visitors from the stars will be worthy opponents, even for the experienced super-soldier.

Crysis 2 Multiplayer: studio Crytek UK, internationally renowned developer of network fighters, multiplayer game completely revamped with the new opportunities nanokostyuma. Be tactical ingenuity, switching modes suit, and victory will be yours!

\u003cdelivery\u003e This product is distributed through the digital distribution, only the activation key. Boxes and drive there. \u003c/delivery\u003e

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Crysis 2 - Origin Key - Region Free

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